Shrub-Like Begonias | From Dragon Wings to Exotica

Shrub-Like begonias are a group of 350 different species mostly from Central and South America. Shrub-Like begonias are great garden performers as they are hardy and many flower all year round; and all tend to have a longer flowering period than other begonias. The group is divided roughly into the following classes:

  • Hairy-leaved: Surface of the leaf is hairy regardless of type of hairiness.
  • Bare-leaved: Surface of the leaf is glabrous (free of hair).  Further divided into large, medium and small leaved. Some can be grown into standards.
  • Distinctive Foliage: This special group demand special culture. The designation of distinctive foliage is the result of subjective judgment and opinions vary.
  • Miniature and Dwarf: There are plants of small stature growing to only 20 cms. Some need special terrarium attention but not all.

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