Semperflorens begonias

Semperflorens cultorum begonias are often known to gardeners as wax begonias or bedding begonias. The name means ‘always flowering’ and indeed these will flower throughout the year, given the right location.

Leaves can be quite colourful in greens, bronzes and variegation of green/yellow. Flowers range from dark red, through pinks to white. New varieties often feature a double flower to add to their attraction.

Growing conditions: Semperflorens do not like frost and perform best in full sun positions. If the situation does not suit, you will soon notice. Too much shade may make them scraggly. Observation will soon indicate needs. Semperflorens are a great garden plant and can provide colour for most of the year. Semperflorens do like company. Mass plant where possible for added effect.

Potting Mix: An open potting mix or well-drained garden plot will suit their needs. A slow-release fertiliser can be used as they respond to regular feeding.

Pruning: Tip prune in the growing season. Give your Semperflorens an all-over tip-nip to keep them bushy and strong and to encourage flowering.

Propagation: This is best done from seed, division of clumps or tip cuttings where the stem is a branching shoot rather than a flower node.

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