Trailing-Scandent begonias

Trailing-Scandent begonias are mainly for hanging baskets and pots where they can over-hang and display their foliage and flowers. However some climb mostly enthusiastically, if encouraged to do so.

These plants have long, flexible tendrils and send up additional basal shoots in spring. These, when established, branch readily so that mature plants are full and bushy.

Growing conditions: Trailing-Scandent begonias have varying light requirements so you may need to move plants to a new position if they are not happy. Both light and sunlight needs can differ from plant to plant However, they are not difficult to row and are rewarding. Protect them from drying wind and not mid-day sun. They grow particularly well under trees where filtered light stimulates their growth without burning.

  • Feed regularly in the growing season and only when roots are moist.

Potting Mix:  An open potting mix is best. Trailing-Scandents prefer more water than most  begonias. It is best not to allow them to dry out completely.

Pruning: This is usually done in late Spring or early Summer after the flowering period is over and the weather is warmer. Young plants are not heavily pruned – just very lightly pinched out at the top.  Older plants can be cut back and tip cuttings used for new plants. This will also encourage new growth from the base.

Tip Cutting: Plant in coarse sand or any open rooting mix.

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