Thick-Stemmed Begonias | The Aussie Star

All Cane-Like and Shrub-Like begonias develop thick stems. However, there is one group in which the stems are thick from base to tip from the early stages of growth, and these are called thick-stemmed. Some of the plants may grow quite tall, to two metres or more, but most are of medium height, around one metre. They are unusual and are grown mainly by the collector. They have been much used to produce interesting and beautiful hybrids.

These tall-growing begonias need ample room, whether as garden or pot plants. When grown in pots it is essential to provide at maturity a large, deep pot to provide stability and ample room for root development. Potted thick-stemmed begonias may be used as house plants or in courtyards where they need a very well-lit position with some direct sunshine in the mornings but not hot afternoon sun A lack of sunlight will result in sparse flowering and development of lanky growth.

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Want to know more about the Melbourne Begonia Society?

The aims of the Melbourne Begonia Society (MBS) include:

  • Stimulate and promote interest in begonias.
  • Encourage the introduction and development of new types of these plants.
  • Gather and publish information in regard to kinds, propagation and culture of begonias.
  • Issue a bulletin which will be distributed to all members of the Society.
  • Bring into friendly contact all who enjoy and grow begonias.
  • Support the preservation of begonia species through growing of seed.

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