To think that Rex Begonias were brought out by a mistake!

Rex begonias are rhizomatous in growth habit, but are grouped separately because of the colour of their leaves. The original Rex begonia was brought from Assam in India in 1856, by mistake, in a collection of orchids.

Leaf colourings are said to run the gambit of shades of precious metals – gold, silver, platinum, etc and precious gems – amethyst, ruby, garnet, topaz, emerald and opal. The leaf textures follow that of beautiful fabrics such as silk, satin, velvet, brocade, crepe, tweed and soft woolens.
  • Further information is available on our Rex Begonias Cultural Notes page.
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Want to know more about the Melbourne Begonia Society?

The aims of the Melbourne Begonia Society (MBS) include:

  • Stimulate and promote interest in begonias.
  • Encourage the introduction and development of new types of these plants.
  • Gather and publish information in regard to kinds, propagation and culture of begonias.
  • Issue a bulletin which will be distributed to all members of the Society.
  • Bring into friendly contact all who enjoy and grow begonias.
  • Support the preservation of begonia species through growing of seed.

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