One Year Ago Today | Convention Highlights from Tuesday 17 March 2020

The five day Convention ‘Inspired By Begonias‘ commenced on Friday 13 March and finished on Tuesday 17 March 2020. It  was held at the Foothills Conference Centre situated in a glorious bushland setting, offering wonderful bush walks through the surrounding precinct.

On the last day of the Convention, there was a further opportunity to  go on Optional Tour 3 | Tuesday 17 March (including lunch). Highlights included:

  • Gardenworld Nursery & Garden Centre in Keysborough and an opportunity to visit four member’s  gardens and see their begonia collections.
  • Otherwise, it was time to reflect, enjoy and say goodbye to all our friends (until next time).
  • But little did we know that a worldwide pandemic was just around the corner and therefore made this our last big event in the begonia world for 2020.

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