Melbourne Begonia Society | Members Virtual Vote – June Competition Winners

The June 2020 Begonia Virtual Vote is the second competition where members of the Melbourne Begonia Society have an opportunity to vote for the begonia they like best. This month, members were asked to vote for plants in two different categories: Foliage and Flowering.

The winning plant for the foliage category was:

B. 'Dark Whisper' (Foliage) - Grower: Kaye Jenvey

B. ‘Dark Whisper’ (Foliage) – Grower: Kaye Jenvey

The flowering begonia voting ended as a three-way tie between the following flowering begonias:

B. Tuberous Non-Stop [Grower: Kevin Butterworth], B. Fuchsifoliosa [Grower: Kaye Jenvey] and B. Charm [Grower: Peg Moyle}

Well done everyone!

Thank you for supporting the Melbourne Begonia Society

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